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Introducing Blog Contributor - Bobbi Bires


We would like to welcome rising Equestrian Mom, Bobbi Bires, to the Equestrian Moms Family as our newest blog contributor. As a mom of 2, and an Equestrian Mom of 1, Bobbi brings the experiences, questions and answers of a new EQ Mom, while addressing the feelings of other new EQ Moms.

A long time horse-lover, Bobbi grew up not being allowed to ride horses because of the expense. Fast-forward to 2016 when her daughter, Savannah was in 2nd grade and wanted to attend a horse summer camp. Funny enough, Bobbi’s mom now saw no harm in riding and in fact paid for it. She attributes her mom for starting Savannah’s love for horses. From that moment Bobbi took on the role of Equestrian Mom for her daughter.

Bobbi did know that horseback riding was a dangerous sport, but other than that she didn’t really know anything else about it.  After researching on the Internet and driving by stables in her area, Bobbi became very hesitant to get Savannah started after realizing the costs - both money and time. However, she was ready to learn alongside her daughter.

Bobbi was lucky enough to run into someone at Target who she knew from high school and happened to be a riding trainer. Karen Feeney-Wilber invited them out to her barn, KFW LLC in Broad Run, VA. Both mother and daughter loved it and they’ve been there ever since. Bobbi’s new life as an Equestrian Mom is definitely a huge time commitment, but she absolutely loves it! Her daughter began by taking lessons once a week, and after 6 months she advanced to 2 -3 lessons a week. Savannah has taken dance and gymnastics classes before, but they were only once a week for an hour. However, riding lessons have now progressed to 3 days a week, and each lesson is 2-3 hours from the time they leave home to returning. With so much of their lives invested, after speaking with Karen, Bobbi and her husband decided to lease a horse named Popsicle for Savannah to ride.  

A lot of Bobbi’s advice has come from her daughter’s trainer, Karen.  She recommends finding a trainer that you trust, and she feels that she just lucked out that Karen has made herself so available for the questions of a new Equestrian Mom. Don’t forget to avail yourself of the stories from other experienced Equestrian Parents, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. The more you learn the better decisions you can make and understand what is happening, but take it all with a grain of salt because all experiences aren’t the same. Bobbi realized early on that the more she understands the more she appreciates how hard her daughter is working, and why she needs the equipment required. This is not an inexpensive sport. She found the riding lessons reasonable, but the shows are much more expensive.

They spend so much more time together and are both learning as they go. Bobbi, as the Equestrian Mom, was super nervous and scared for her daughter at her first show. However, by the third and fourth shows they were having fun and actually got into the state finals!

Bobbi helps her daughter groom the horse, work through hardships when being nervous or having a tough day, and all of the emotions that come from dealing with a horse. Bobbi is so proud of all Savannah has accomplished and learned - determination, confidence and independence - and they are ready to take on their second season.

We can’t wait for Bobbi to bring us along her journey as an Equestrian Mom, and we couldn’t be happier to welcome her to our blog!