As an Equestrian Mom of 27 years, I'm here to help you on your journey. 

My goal for this adventure is to share information about my own experience as an Equestrian Mom (EM) of 26 years in hopes of helping fellow EM's along their journey. Not a rider myself, my journey as an EM began when my daughter, Ali, was four and she asked to ride around an outdoor ring during my riding lesson. I wonder if I had not allowed her to take that first lesson whether I would have somehow ended up an Equestrian Mom anyway...

My background is not in riding at all, except a free English lesson in middle school and an occasional trail ride with farm horses. My husband doesn't ride either, and - if truth be told - he has a healthy fear of them. However, as a working mom of two kids, only one of which was interested in horse riding, we moved all over the country all through my children's lives. Because of Ali's early interest in horses, as an equestrian mom I have had the opportunity - and sometimes misfortune - to look for barns, new trainers, and new equestrian experiences. I kind of think that moving from Minnesota to Florida to Missouri to New York was very beneficial for building my personal equestrian knowledge. Let me share some of this wisdom to help you be the best equestrian mom while not stressing out!

Equestrian Moms is a site dedicated to celebrating the moms of horse kids of all ages. We also want to provide information, support, and community for those new equestrian moms who have no idea how to support their kids' interest in horses. We've all been there whether or not we are horsewomen ourselves. 

Equestrian Moms, we salute you!