My Equestrian Mom

My mom has proven to be my number one supporter in all aspects of my life, but especially in my riding career. My mother has been around horses all her life, but has only been an equestrian mom for the last 25 years. Throughout my riding career she has been supportive, has put no pressure on me to win, and has also started not only riding but jumping.


Being my number one fan in the horse world meant a lot of things for my mom. She has supported me in many ways throughout my riding career. Whether that meant financially, emotionally, or physically; she’s been there. Through competing in the breed shows, jumpers, and three-day eventing; it hasn’t been cheap. Besides financial my mom has been to almost every horse show and has done most of the trailering for my horses herself. She’s been there for countless vet appointments, lessons, and clinics. My mother has always stuck by my side through good and hard times in this sport, and has always supported my decisions along the way.

Along with being supportive, she never pressured me to win. I remember being in tears after my first class at my first show thinking I wasn’t good enough to win. Every time I had these moments when I was younger she was always there to give me a pat on the back and encourage me that winning is not everything. The lesson I took away from that type of support was that my mother new I was competitive enough to want to get better at my riding. Even though I wasn’t winning yet, I was still getting better and better, and I think she knew that.

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I remember my mom telling me stories of when she used to race her families’ Shetland ponies back to the barn with her siblings. My mom has trail ridden since she was young. The first time I actually remember riding was when my mother and I would ride double on all the all-day trail rides she used to do. When I was thirteen I started competing in three-day eventing and fell in love with the sport. Little did I know, that my mom fell in love with the sport too. She started to take jumping lessons when she was 50 years old and hasn’t quit since. My mother now has evented through training level with her young horse, Mac. She has proven her bravery time and time again through her riding and everything else she does in her life.

Not only is my mom an equestrian mom, but now she is a true equestrian herself. Throughout my riding my mom has been fully supportive, has never wanted to pressure me to win, and has also started to compete in eventing. In all aspects of my mom, well, being my mom she has truly inspired me. Now when we see each other we will always go for a ride together or sometimes even end up competing at the same event together.

- Megan Stockburger, Equestrian 

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