Book Review and Contest: "Horses, portraits and stories” by Shelley S. Paulson

Just after last Thanksgiving; Shelley Paulson told me that in the spring her new book was going to be published.  As soon as she shared this with me, I immediately preordered 6 copies (more on this later)  A couple of weeks ago I finally received my copies from Amazon. Yay!  Since Shelley is a nationally acclaimed photographer and frequent contributor to many horse publications,  I immediately flipped through the book to enjoy all of the photographs. Then last night I finally read through it cover to cover.   Because I thought all you Equestrian Moms may be interested,  following is my personal review of  “Horses, portraits and stories” by Shelley S. Paulson.


Horses, portraits and stories is published in soft cover only, in a size that is approximately the size of 2 side-by-side paperbacks. (I state this so that you know it is easy to take with you on your travels)   Every single one of its 126 pages is packed with beautiful photographs of horses, or features a single horse who fills the page with his presence. There are very short “stories “ that accompany most photographs. Some of the stories are very personal to Shelley as she writes about the relation between some of her clients and their horses. Others are Shelley’s voice as she describes what each picture means to her. The book is a very quick read but is absolutely enchanting. My favorite photograph is featured on pages 124 and 125 in the Silhouettes section. (gotta buy the book to see it, no spoiler alert). My other favorite (if I can narrow my favorites to only 2) is on page 78 in the Humor section. (you can guess what it might be since we all know how funny horses can be).

But it’s the beautiful photographs that set this book apart. Some photographs are posed, some are amazing pictures of a statuesque horse and some are action shots. Capturing a horse in motion or being in the right place at the exact moment to take a captivating candid shot really displays Shelley’s skill in capturing the soul  of a horse and their rider. And, makes it a book you will want to get a copy of. For me, the photographs compel me to look at them over and over. I know any Equestrian Mom will thoroughly enjoy reading it. 

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