Equestrian Mom Turned Equestrian

Known by her family as usually one to sit back and observe, Laundria Perriman is wife to retired NFL wide receiver, Brett Perriman and mother to  kids, one being current NFL wide receiver, Breshad. She is the perfect example of how becoming an Equestrian Mom can bring you a love for horses that lasts long after your child has left the sport. 


Laundria grew up in iami, Florid, and as both a child and young adult was afraid of horses. Although she never took riding lessons as a child, when they lived in a horse community Laundria wanted to expose her kids to everything and started them with riding lessons. Despite her own fears, Laundria did not want to push them onto her kids, and as a result they were fearless.  Their fearlessness helped her overcome her own fear, and at the age of 30 when her kids found other interests and stopped riding, she began.

Discovering that she had a passion for western pleasure riding, Laundria participated in the 2001 National Appaloosa Horse Show. Unexpectedly to her, she enjoyed riding not only for the exercise, but also for the serenity she found while riding. However, this peace ended abruptly when a nasty fall rattled her confidence and caused her to sell her horse and stop riding for 5-6 years. But like all true equestrians, Laundria got the itch to ride again, conquered her fears, and got back on the horse about 2 years ago.

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Riding still takes Laundria away from her stress, and she likens it to playing your favorite song. Her family makes sure that she always makes time to ride because they notice the difference it makes in her countenance. She knows it’s time to get out in the fresh air when she gets stressed around the house, and one of her sons will say, mom, have you been to the barn? 
Laundria recommends that non-equestrian parents expose their children to riding lessons because it builds confidence, helps them learn to work with a partner and teaches them effective communication. Her advice to new Equestrian parents – “Learn by watching others lessons, interact with other students and parents, and don’t be afraid to ask  questions.”
Laundria says that she will ride forever, and after seeing her with her horse, we absolutely believe her.