The First Lesson

As we approached the long winding driveway towards the barn I am pretty sure that we were both a mix of nervous and excited.

A thousand questions were going through my mind…

"What in the world are we getting into?"

"Will she love it?"

"Do I want her to love it?"

"How big is this horse going to be?"

"Was I supposed to get her a helmet?"

"Oh well, too late now, we’re here."

Karen, her trainer at KFW, LLC, quickly made Savannah feel right at home in her barn. She explained basic anatomy of the pony, showed her where to stand to be safe, and how to groom him.

I could see my 7 year old little girl soaking in every word. She was lovingly gazing at this old lesson pony she had only just met. Looking back on it, I should’ve realized then that we were in for the long haul.

Next, Karen showed her the pieces of equipment and taught her the names of it all. Together they tacked up the pony – apparently that’s what it is called when you get them all dressed in their gear to ride. Little did I know that the horse world has its own language.


My only thought at this point was, "holy moly that was a lot of work and she isn’t even on the horse yet."

It was finally time to actually ride. Karen assisted Savannah when mounting and led her out to the ring. My heart beamed with pride to see my girl up in the saddle. She looked so natural and had the biggest smile I had ever seen plastered on her face.

They walked and trotted and walked some more. Round and round the ring.

On the way home Savannah wouldn’t stop talking. Twenty-five minutes… reciting every moment of that one hour in horse heaven. Part of me was thrilled that she had found something she loved so much. She had tried dance, gymnastics, and even a soccer camp. The other part of me was dreading how much this new love was going to cost our family.

- Bobbi Bires, Equestrian Mom since 2016