Equestrian Moms at the United States Pony Club Festival 2017

Two weeks ago today, my husband, and Equestrian Dad, and I were taking down and packing up our booth at the United States Pony Club Festival. Wow! What a great week it was!

By the count of the free Equestrian Moms cell phone wallets we gave away, we had the opportunity to introduce EquestrianMoms.com to over 900 people! I had so much fun chatting with everyone and hearing stories of all their unique journeys in the horse world. I especially remember talking to a woman who said she was a 4th generation Equestrian Mom! She was a judge at one of the competitions so we weren’t able to talk very long, but she left a big impression on me as a dedicated horse mom with a wicked sense of humor and a pure love of horses.

Each day of the Festival seemed to be hotter and more humid than the previous day. Through it all, the Pony Clubbers and their families were in great spirits and were joyous about their opportunities to compete and share their love of horses with one another.

Here are a couple of memories that stuck out to me:

The number of moms who came by the booth and stopped to thank us for starting Equestrian Moms was pleasantly overwhelming! They would tell us that when their child started riding they wished there had been a resource like EquestrianMoms.com for them.

A specific group of moms were wandering through the vendor booths while their kids were cooling down their horses. They approached the Equestrian Moms booth, stopped, and one shouted out, “now that’s what I’m talking about, something for moms!” Wow!

Another mom passing by said to her friends “Equestrian Moms, this is where we can get Valium!” (Of course we weren’t offering Valium, but I did understand where the comment came from: worried harried moms at shows.)

And we heard from dads too! “What about Equestrian Dads?” they would ask. We do have the domain for EquestrianDads.com so as EquestrianMoms.com is completely up and running we will turn our attention to Equestrian Dads.

Every day we had a drawing for Equestrian Moms to win a solar charger with our logo (if you want one too, check out our store). Besides their contact information, we asked each Equestrian Mom to write down the number of years they have had that title. Driving on the way home in our car, I added the years up. We had the privilege of meeting moms with a total of 1,412 years of experience being an Equestrian Mom. Wow!

Check out pictures of some of the people who stopped by the booth under the “on Location” tab of our website. We salute them and all of the other Equestrian Moms, Dads, Aunts, Uncles and grandparents who support their kids on their journey with horses.

– Sue, Equestrian Mom