On the Road to Pony Club Festival


ROAD Trip!

I’m hitting the road in a couple days heading to Lexington, Kentucky for the United States Pony Club Festival! What better way to spend time this summer than driving through some really beautiful parts of our country, this time, without even pulling a horse trailer!

I spent last weekend packing, unpacking and repacking my car for the trip. I’ve squeezed virtually all my shoes, clothes and other essentials (essentials is using the term very loosely) into my small car because even without hauling a horse trailer, it seems that there is LOTS of stuff I absolutely must take with me! (see the pic of my over loaded car). I’m attending Festival for the entire week and so of course have packed shoes and clothes for at least 7 days, a change of clothes for each and every day, and all of the personal stuff that seems to always find its way into my car when I go on a road trip (read jumper cables, air pressure gauge, windshield wash fluid, etc).

As an Equestrian Mom, I have also learned to pack extra of everything, and to be prepared for any contingency like: a stalled car so I have to spend the night on the side of the road, getting lost because I missed the turn I was looking for while I was listening to the end of an audio book, taking a nap at a truck stop, having too, too much fun stopping at antique stores or deciding to view just ONE horse that is for sale and conveniently lives at a farm that isn’t very far off my route. (NOT)

AND food! I packed snacks of all kinds. It’s not a road trip , Pony Club event or horse show of any kind without FOOD! We Equestrian Moms need to keep our strength up! It’s strenuous for the kids competing, but there is nothing like the stress and worry of being a spectator is there? It can really work up an Equestrian Moms’ appetite!!!!

And, speaking of food, the Equestrian Moms booth at Festival is right next to the food court! So please come visit me at as you wander through the exhibition hall on your way to the concessions! Pony Club Festival is always a great time, See you there!

Spoiler alert: the final big boxes jammed into my car are filled with giveaways that we will be passing out at the Equestrian Moms booth. 

– Sue, Equestrian Mom