Part of the Family

To an Equestrian, their horse is much more than just a piece of sporting equipment or a pet. They are part of the family. The picture below is of Lynda pregnant with Jen while riding her huge Quarter Horse gelding.  The horse's name was Shannon, and was the one she got for $100 (Like Mother, Like Daughter). Shannon saved Lynda from another horse that had spooked and was running right for her.  At the time, she was too pregnant to fit between the boards and climbing the fence wasn't a good option because her hips had loosened. Shannon raced across the field and turned the other horse away from Lynda.  This picture is what she used as her focal point while in labor.  

Jen's was in her first horse show on Shannon - Lynda and her husband, John, had matching South Carolina shirts (where he's from and where she went to college) and she sewed a Confederate flag and ribbons one of Jen's t-shirts to make it match.  Lynda rode with Jenny in front and John led Shannon.  They won third place in costume class!

Lynda preg w Jenny and Shannon001.png