Where to Shop for Your Little Equestrian

Styled Equine SS.png

Every sport has a uniform, and riding is no exception. Whether your child rides English or Western style, there are specific types of clothes, boots and helmets that are required, and the choices are endless. Nothing is cuter than a small child dressed up for their very first show and nothing is more frustrating than how fast they grow and how often riding clothes need to be replaced due to changing sizes. I have found that the best way to manage the cost of buying riding apparel for your child is to utilize consignment tack stores, local tack swaps and online consignment stores. For riding apparel, one of our favorite online consignment stores is a new site called Styled Equine.

Styled Equine is an online consignment store which allows you, the parent, to both buy and sell riding apparel for all sizes quickly and easily. To make a purchase it just takes scrolling through the available items and make your selections. It is almost just as easy to sell clothes that your child has outgrown. Snap a picture of the apparel you want to sell, choose the selling price, write a quick description of the item and sit back and watch it sell. Of course, as with all consignment stores, the key is to continue to monitor the site because items are posted regularly and sell daily. So if you don’t log into Styled Equine often you may miss the good stuff!

This afternoon I set up my own Styled Equine account and posted a riding shirt which unfortunately I had “outgrown”. (As you can imagine at my age, my growth is not up but out!!). The total process took me less than 15 minutes, and most of that time was spent trying to get a good photo to use.

Twenty-six years ago our family really struggled to keep up with purchasing riding apparel for a growing child who started riding at 4. Imagine the number of size changes! At that time I wasn’t savvy enough to utilize tack swaps AND of course there was no internet back then.
For Equestrian Moms today, it is possible to really stretch the budget for riding apparel.

So to answer questions about how to afford appropriate riding apparel when your child begins riding, we recommend 1) checking out local tack swaps, 2. neighborhood consignment tack stores and 3. online consignment sites like Styled Equine. Happy shopping and Happy selling too!

- Susan B., Equestrian Mom

One note: please remember never buy a consignment helmet. Helmets are dated and have an effectiveness expiration date so it’s always best to buy a new helmet to ensure maximum protection for your child.